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Your guide to finding the best spots in Melbourne for remote working

In this age of remote working and frequent interstate business travel, as a freelancer or a contractor who is able to work away from your client office, you may find yourself searching for a quiet place to work, while still being amongst people. Business travellers might be unfamiliar with the spaces available to you where you can grab a bite for lunch and continue your productivity. This week we did the research for you and explored the city of Melbourne to find the best spaces for remote working.

Revisions to occupation lists provides positive outcome for ICT sector

The Federal Government’s announcement in April ‘17 to replace the 457 skilled visa program with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa by March 2018 sent many industries into a spin. As trends in technology rapidly develop, companies continue to rely on contingent (or project based) workers and skills from overseas to meet changing business demands.

Your checklist – 10 things to organise when moving to Australia

So you have finally decided to make the big move to Australia to further your career. Once all the announcements have been made to family and friends, the champagne corks have been popped and the moving boxes have begun to crowd your home, some of the bigger questions will start to creep into your mind… ‘Where will I live?’ or ‘How do I set myself up to start work?’ We have made a list of the most common concerns people have when they are in the process of moving to Australia for work. Our checklist and advice will help you to tackle them quickly and easily.

Pioneering an honest Contractor Management Industry

As a founder of Australia’s leading Contractor Management Organisation (CMO), I was disappointed to read about Plutus Payroll ceasing operations. It’s a tough industry in which to operate, with ever-changing regulations and strong competition with which to contend, so in that regard I can’t say that I was shocked. However, when details emerged last week about the scam that was allegedly being run by the company’s directors, I felt compelled to accelerate plans that would help set appropriate ethical standards and safeguard the industry.

The dust has settled- Your migration options clarified

Last week, the Federal Government announced changes to the 457 Visa program. Now that the dust has settled and the speculation has quietened, we can finally start to contextualise what it all means for our customers. As a Contingent Workforce Specialist organisation, with an in-house Migration division, we welcome the changes. Here’s why:

TalentWave is now People2.0! New company, same great thought leadership.

The Workforce of the Future: Should You Buy, Rent, or Build?

In today’s complicated workplace companies are challenged by the harsh reality of talent scarcity when trying to fill critical roles in order to execute their strategy. When looking for solutions many organizations are uncertain about the best talent strategy: Is it better to buy, rent, or build talent when riding the waves of talent supply and demand?

Government announcement to replace the 457 visa program

Yesterday Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the 457 visa program will be abolished and the Government will replace it with the completely new Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa. According to recent information released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the implementation of these reforms will begin immediately and be completed by March 2018.

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