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5 apps to get your Coronavirus budget in shape

In the span of a few weeks COVID-19 has upended how people in Australia and around the world work and live. You may now be working from home, have reduced income, be dealing with redundancy – one way or another, most of us will be adjusting to new financial realities. For those who still have plenty of work and a high income, the reduced spending that comes with iso life is an opportunity to put money towards your long-term goals.

Cash flow & COVID-19 – Adapting your budget to your new reality

Daily life has been turned upside down for all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic and new ways of living, working and connecting have quickly become the norm. Whatever big changes you are adapting to personally, from new working arrangements, to reduced income, unexpected job loss, or the cancellation of long-awaited travel or events; chances are your budget has been upended too. Even though things are changing rapidly, it’s important to take some time to review your cash flow and revise your budget in line with new realities.

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What Is Risk Management

To manage risk in the workplace, it is essential to proactively understand the physical risks and potential hazards of each work environment, so that risks can be mitigated appropriately, and appropriate loss prevention measures can be deployed.

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Consulting Firms CAN Thrive in an Environment of Rapid Change

In a recent High Growth Study by Hinge Research Institute, 42% of consulting firms surveyed stated that NEW competition is a top threat. 40% said that the shortage of top talent was among their top five challenges. These pressures illustrate the complex forces that are confronting firms today, as the whole professional services landscape is […]

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