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What is an Independent Contractor?

Many organizations are legitimately confused about how to properly classify individuals as independent contractors versus employees, and as a result expose their company to significant risk.

Will the May Budget deliver on promises of innovation focus?

The upcoming release of the 2016/2017 Australian Federal Budget has the nation abuzz with speculation of many changes, including possible tax concessions to businesses. However, one policy focus getting particular attention is “the Ideas Boom”– the government’s proposal of investment in innovation across all sectors. One of the key areas in discussion is to provide easier pathways to funding for Universities and businesses to collaborate in industry based research. So what does this mean for the economy?

Benefit from changes to the Accredited Sponsorship Status

How your business can benefit from changes to the Accredited Sponsorship Status? Does your business sponsor employees from overseas? If you are looking for a way to make employee sponsorship a more viable option for your organisation, then the newly updated Accredited Sponsorship status is worth considering. An Accredited Sponsor is a standard business sponsor who has been assessed as meeting additional criteria* enabling benefits that help bring in international talent more readily.

Government announces reform to provide greater flexibility for employers accessing the 457 visa program

The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash, announced yesterday the government’s response to the independent review of the 457 visa program. In a statement that was largely supportive of the recommendations made in the review, the government will act to remove unnecessary burdens and red tape on employers doing the right thing, while ensuring that they are compliant with their obligations as sponsors.

TalentWave is now People2.0! New company, same great thought leadership.

The Many Facets of Worker Misclassification

Many companies that utilize independent workers believe worker misclassification is just an employer tax issue. The truth is there are many federal and state agencies who are very interested in proper worker classification in order to provide workers with the benefits and protections to which they would be entitled to as employees. A few examples […]

TalentWave is now People2.0! New company, same great thought leadership.

Just Calling Someone an Independent Contractor Doesn’t Necessarily Make It So

In today’s competitive talent market many organizations engage workers as independent contractors. Strategic companies have a consistent process for classifying workers correctly. Unfortunately many companies make ad hoc decisions, or even worse, have no oversight at all which allows managers to misclassify workers and exposes the company to significant risk. Some companies do this knowingly […]

TalentWave is now People2.0! New company, same great thought leadership.

Audited Consultant Risk: Who Is the Employer?

It has been said that the American dream used to be owning your own home. Today, there are many who say the new American dream is owning your own business. With the incredible growth of the independent workforce and client companies increasingly seeking out subject matter experts to perform project work, many of these new […]

TalentWave is now People2.0! New company, same great thought leadership.

Defining an Independent Business Providing Services to Your Company

As independent contractor compliance and engagement specialists, we are frequently asked by enterprise clients to help them manage the risks surrounding professional services vendors who perform work on a SOW basis for the benefit of the client company. Part of the solution is to educate our clients on the definition of an independent business.

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