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Update on Labour Hire Licensing in Australia

Calls for Labour Hire Licensing arose to stop the exploitation and mistreatment of workers, support legitimate labour hire operators and protect users of labour hire organisations. Pressure has come from Labor government-led states for the Federal Government to introduce a national scheme; however it has maintained the stance that Labour Hire Licensing is a matter for individual states to determine.

Tax Time 2019 – Essential Tips for Independent Professionals

We’re almost half way through the year which means that tax time is once again upon us. June 30th is a key date stuck in the collective mind of most Australians, and the clockwork regularity of tax lodgement can lead to complacency that independent professionals in particular must avoid. Keeping abreast of tax rule changes and being aware of The Australian Tax Office’s (ATO) increasing sophistication in data collection techniques must be incorporated into your preparations on either side of the June 30th 2019 date. Here are some key considerations to ensure you are maximising your tax outcomes:

2019 Federal Budget – What You Need to Know

On Tuesday 2nd April 2019, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg unveiled the Coalition government’s pre-election budget promising a 7.1 billion surplus. Entity Solutions’ Business and Tax division (EBAT) have discussed the impact of these budget changes with our partner, FMD Financial, and have rounded up some key features that will affect independent professionals and businesses

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