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Bridging Australia’s Skills Gap: People2.0’s Streamlined Migration Solution

For businesses in Australia facing skills shortages, finding the right talent can be extremely challenging. High-demand fields like cybersecurity, engineering, and ICT often lack sufficient local candidates to meet hiring needs. At the same time, navigating Australia’s complex visa system and sponsorship requirements creates major administrative burdens for employers looking to engage overseas workers. 

People2.0 is privileged to be one of the few Australian businesses approved for an On-Hire Labour Agreement (OHLA) by the Department of Home Affairs. This allows us to sponsor and on-hire workers in Australia for up to 4 years on a Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa. 

Our OHLA allows Australian businesses across industries to source specialised skills from abroad with ease. We manage the entire process – sponsoring candidates on your behalf, handling visa applications, and fulfilling all sponsorship obligations. This hassle-free service covers over 400 pre-approved occupations, letting you select top talent from virtually anywhere in the world to connect them with your projects. 

By outsourcing the engagement to People2.0, you can avoid the complex time-consuming processes attached to standard sponsorship. We mitigate risks and ensure full legal compliance surrounding 482 visas while you focus on your core business operations. 

Streamlining Global Talent Engagement

People2.0’s OHLA migration solution provides a streamlined end-to-end pathway for engaging overseas workers in Australia. We handle all the complexities so you can tap into global talent pools with ease. 

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the candidate’s eligibility, where we review their CV, the job title and description, the proposed salary, and if the candidate is currently in Australia, their current visa grant letter. 

Our team compiles and submits the visa application accurately to the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA). While their typical processing time is 4-6 weeks, we maintain open communication throughout. 

Upon visa approval, we coordinate with you and the candidate to confirm the official start date. The streamlined onboarding and offboarding process allows you to easily ramp talent up or down as needs fluctuate. 

Ensuring Compliance and Mitigating Risk 

A major advantage of using People2.0’s OHLA solution is the assurance of full compliance with Australia’s intricate visa regulations and immigration laws. We bear all responsibility for adhering to the legal requirements surrounding 482 visas. 

Some key compliance measures we handle include: 

  • Labour market testing: Labour market testing is mandatory for all 482 visa applications, including transfers. Our team conducts the proper testing and reports on your behalf. 
  • Skills suitability: Migrant workers must demonstrate that they have sufficient skills including relevant educational qualifications and at least two years of suitable work experience. 
  • Language and background: Migrant workers must also meet English language requirements and provide clean police checks.  
  • Salary: Migrant workerā€™s salary must be offered at the minimum threshold and equivalent to Australian workers. We validate candidates fulfilling these criteria. 
  • Sponsorship limitations: Workers on 482 visas can only be engaged for the sponsored occupation and organization. We ensure adherence to these limitations.   
  • Employer of record (EOR): We take on full liability for engagement of employees, workplace insurances, all statutory obligations for workers’ compensation, superannuation, and taxes. 

By outsourcing this complex compliance burden to People2.0’s experts, you mitigate legal risks that could potentially result in fines, reputation damage, or other penalties. We assume accountability for labour law obedience, letting you reap the benefits of global talent without unnecessary exposure. 

The Competitive Advantage of Overseas Talent Access 

Australia is already facing substantial skills gaps that could widen in coming years across fields like technology, healthcare, professional services, and more. Overcoming this shortage by engaging overseas talent will be critical for organizations to continue operating and growing effectively. 

People2.0’s OHLA migration solution provides a streamlined pathway to global talent acquisition. We’ve simplified the end-to-end process by handling logistics, compliance, and other complexities involved with sponsoring foreign workers in Australia. With a single point of responsibility, you can focus on your core operations while we enable you to access specialized talent from around the world. 

Curious what our migration services can do for you? Book a meeting now to discuss the possibilities.Ā 

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